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If you are looking to treat bed bugs in the area you’ve come to the right place. They’re all across the United States and in the Miami are they are on the rise. Why is this the case? Lots of people buy used furniture, the increase in traveling, and other factors come into play. Fortunately, our company¬† is highly trained in exterminating these unwanted pests.

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They can be extremely difficult to get rid of, and you certainly can’t¬† just ignore them. They actually bite people–in fact they feed on them–when they are sleeping. They do this by piercing the victims skin with a stylet. They uses their teeth to saw through tissue and then find blood vessels. A bed bug can feed on a human for up to 5 minutes and then it goes back to its hiding spot. While feeding, it will inject saliva into its target. This saliva numbs your skin and is why you don’t typically realize you’re being bitten. These bites, as you can see in the photo, are extremely painful and can cause swelling and itching.

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The problem with this particular bug is that it can be tricky to spot or notice them and they can hide very well. Bed bugs can hide in the seams of the bed or around the sides of the mattress. Additionally, they can lay their eggs in the seams of the mattress. Most people don’t realize they’ve been bitten by them until they wake up and notice they have been bitten. If you notice any type of blood or fecal spots on your sheets you should call us immediately for treatments. If you even suspect you have them it is best to immediately leave your house and have it treated, as they can spread.

If you think you have have bugs, we will treat all your problems quickly for you. Our licensed technicians are highly trained and will help you exterminate bed bugs for good. Contact us at (305) 290-4398 today for a free quote, to have your questions answered, and to learn more!

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